BootlegKiD & The Multiverse of Mediums

 "Yo what’s going on, I thought this was a clothing come there’s no merch ?"

because BootlegKiD was never just a clothing brand, it’s always been about the idea more than it has about the merchandise. And to be honest, the obligation to produce and sell merchandise was getting in the way of what BootlegKiD is all about, which is rejecting mainstream ideas and taking the piss in response.


"So, what’s the plan then?"

right now, the plan is to double down on expressing the philosophy behind BootlegKiD, as clearly as possible. And thanks to the current setup, the volume of work being released has gone up, with a fresh bootleg now being released in the diary every Sunday. There’re a lot of different mediums we’re planning to explore during this 2nd stage of metamorphosis, and rn street art is looking veery interesting..

however you got put onto BootlegKiD, whether through the old shop in Afflecks, seeing someone else rocking one of our tees, or finding us through IG, thank you for rocking with us so far. I hope you enjoy what comes next


Also, the merch will return at some point in the future. And if you really can’t wait, we still have the occasional piece up for grabs via the Jiggler

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